Get ready for the ride of your life!

As a final-year student, you are about to start your career and want to make the best choice.

Would you like to take on responsibility early in your career? Do you enjoy analysing, brainstorming and being creative? Does adding value to your client’s business while working in a team on their premises appeal to you? What about supervising, coaching and mentoring your own teams? Then you’re the Auditor we’re looking for!

Register for our Get ready for the ride of your life! event which will be held at Tafelrond in Leuven on Wednesday 26 April 2016.

This event allows you to taste #WorkingAtAudit. In a pleasant setting you will discuss the Deloitte opportunities, our culture and values; that what sets Deloitte Audit apart from the others.

A limited group of students will be selected to attend the event. If you get selected, you will have a unique opportunity to taste #WorkingAtAudit.

Register here: